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Human Resources in coordination with the Management Committee and all department Managers are identifying, planning and scheduling training activities needed for all employees of the Company. The Management Committee sets the Corporate Goal which also targets the general training objectives for all employees each year. The semi-annual results of employee’s performance evaluated by their respective Supervisors & Managers identify training needs of employees.

The Human Resources, with the coordination of all the Managers, are scheduling and planning training activities which includes the following:
  • Continuing Education Seminar conducted outside the company premises.
  • Seminar conducted in-house by outside consultant for continuing education.
  • Seminar conducted in-house by Lloyd personnel on Current Good Manufacturing Practice including sanitation and hygiene to all employees.
  • Continuous Improvement Programs.
  • Training Program for the Production facility.
  • Government Agency Mandated Awareness Seminar as public information service.
  • Other trainings conducted as approved by the Management Committee

We are hiring!

For our Local Operations:

Validation Supervisor
Validation Assistant
Warehouse Supervisor
Training Associate
Product Developer
Analytical Development Analyst
Laboratory Technician
Quality Assurance Inspector
Production Planner

  • Preferably a graduate of: BS Pharmacy, BS Chemical Engineering, BS Chemistry, BS Biology, BS Industrial Engineering
  • Familiar with Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Has strong leadership skills & flexible in terms of work schedule
  • Has a good attendance profile.

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